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Enough with awareness campaigns and reminding people to eat their veggies. Small Adventures Communications helps overworked communications teams streamline complex medical content into empowering education that patients and providers act on to improve and even save lives.

Small Adventures Communications is not afraid of work that isn’t sexy, exciting, or easy to understand so long as it has a deep and positive impact on people’s lives. Our team is ready to translate the science into powerful public relations campaigns, helping you strengthen your position as an organization changing the world for the better.

When you bring your business to Small Adventures Communications, we know you’re bringing a part of yourself. You want to nurture and grow your business and we want to help. Public relations can be a smarmy game, but we don’t roll that way. We’ll take the time to understand your business goals and always offer solutions that go beyond click-bait headlines, flashy stunts, and empty media impressions. Rest assured, we’ll counsel you to dream bigger and stretch using strategies and tactics that fit. You'll get a PR plan for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, or corporations that is tailored to your goals.

These packages may include:

  • business goal alignment

  • executive positioning

  • key messaging

  • media relations

  • news releases

  • white papers

  • media tours

  • events

  • influencer campaigns

  • blogging 

  • social media

  • media extensions

  • reports and analysis 

This is where we shine.

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We want to help keep your amazing communications team happy, engaged and productive. Bring Small Adventures Communications in for project-based public relations and communications support on an as-needed basis to cover staff leaves, to bridge the gap as you search for a permanent, full-time employee, or to support a heavy lift.

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The best public relations campaigns layer media relations and outreach at all levels - from national media to local outlets to influencers. According to a Nielsen study, PR is 90% more effective than advertising in influencing consumers. Layering strong national media outreach with targeted local media efforts will result in a steady drumbeat of messaging for consumers.

Small Adventures Communications offers tailored PR playbooks that can be used to ensure cohesive, action-based messaging across your entire organization.

We have the skills and experience needed to deliver easy-to-use toolkits that are proven to get results and free up your communications team to focus on strategic media relationships and big wins. 

The scalable PR toolkit program may include:

  • Key message development, segmented by target audience

  • Media list building and media research

  • Drafting pitch emails

  • Supporting national media pitching efforts

  • Key messages

  • Templated news releases for local use

  • News releases for national use

  • Enewsletter copy

  • Social media post copy

  • Guest columns

  • Letter to the editor

  • Media training guide for volunteer experts and survivors sharing their stories​

  • Pitch email templates and scripts for local use

  • Pitch emails and scripts for national use

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