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When you bring your business to Small Adventures Communications, we know you’re bringing a part of yourself. You want to nurture and grow your business and we want to help. Public relations can be a smarmy game, but we don’t roll that way. We’ll take the time to understand your business goals and always offer solutions that go beyond click-bait headlines, flashy stunts, and empty media impressions. Rest assured, we’ll counsel you to dream bigger and stretch using strategies and tactics that fit. You'll get a PR plan for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, or corporations that is tailored to your goals.

These packages may include:

  • business goal alignment

  • audience profiles

  • key messaging

  • media relations

  • news releases

  • white papers

  • media tours

  • events

  • influencer campaigns

  • blogging 

  • social media

  • media extensions

  • reports and analysis 

This is where we shine.

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We want to help keep your amazing communications team happy, engaged and productive. Bring Small Adventures Communications in for project-based public relations and communications support on an as-needed basis to cover staff leaves, to bridge the gap as you search for a permanent, full-time employee, or to support a heavy lift.

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Secure time today to discuss your needs

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