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How to media train a spokesperson in 30 minutes

Picture this: a sudden inbound media call sweeps in, offering your organization a thrilling chance. A big-shot broadcasting giant has reached out, hunting for an expert to sprinkle some wisdom on a hot topic.

Tick-tock! You've got a mere hour before the deadline knocks on your door.

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For the PR enthusiasts out there, this scenario might set your heart racing with excitement and your brain buzzing with ideas. But if PR isn't exactly your cup of tea, you might feel a wave of nerves, sweaty palms, and a knot in your stomach. Don't fret! This guide is your trusty sidekick through the chaos.

With half of that precious hour eaten up by interview logistics, you're left scrambling to find and prep your spokesperson in just 30 minutes. Not the smoothest sailing, but hey, it's doable! Here's the lowdown on how to tackle this whirlwind situation with flair:

1. Craft Your Key Messages: Whip up on-point messages that echo your organization's stance on the issue. Keep them snappy, engaging, and tailored to hit the right notes with the broadcasting crowd.

2. Get the Green Light on Messages: Once your messages are decked out, loop in the decision-makers for the thumbs-up. It's crucial to make sure your messages align with your organization's overall style and mission.

3. Snag Your Star Spokesperson: Time's a-tickin'! Dive into your pool of experts who can drop knowledge on the topic at a moment's notice. Consider their expertise, availability, and media readiness when picking the perfect spokesperson.

4. Polish Those Media Skills: Get your spokesperson ready to rock the interview with a quick but snazzy media training session - even if they regularly do media interviews. Cover the essentials like message delivery, body language, and how to tackle those curveball questions like a pro.

5. Fine-Tune Your Message Magic: Sharpen those key messages your spokesperson will dish out during the interview. Review the main point they need to make in the interview as well as phrases not to say. Ensure they can confidently deliver the key messages required to maximize this opportunity.

In an ideal world, your PR pal would have a treasure trove of messages and spokespersons ready to roll since day one of the campaign. They'd whip out a message matrix in a flash, setting the stage for your spokesperson to shine during the interview. By tapping into the spokesperson stash, your PR expert can swiftly pluck out a subject matter expert who's no stranger to media coaching sessions and needs a quick pep talk and message refresher to steal the show on camera. This nimble PR approach demands some heavy lifting upfront but is hands down one of the smartest investments for your organization's media strategy.

In a nutshell, navigating these high-stakes media moments calls for a mix of strategy and spontaneity. By following the playbook laid out here and leaning on your PR team's expertise, you can ride the wave of unexpected media buzz and flaunt your organization in the spotlight. Remember, prep is your pal, and focusing on top-notch media training and message finesse can turbocharge your ability to seize the moment and leave a lasting mark on the media scene.

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