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Groundhogs love PR

When I first started thinking about the branding for Small Adventures Communications, I knew I wanted something that really evoked that feeling of adventure – something natural and fun. My designer showed me mountains and rivers and all sorts of leaves, but then it hit me.


What I needed was a huge, furry marmot. A groundhog.

Here’s why:


Groundhogs dig deep, stay observant, rest when they need to rest and are always on the lookout for brighter days ahead. Stay with me and I think you’ll agree that these rodents are a natural fit as a mascot for a PR company.


Digging deep

Groundhogs dig huge burrows to live in, to hibernate in, and to find refuge from predators. They are very strong diggers. In public relations, we also must dig deep. We dig to find the stories, to uncover the true messaging, to align tactics and organizational missions.


Staying observant

Groundhogs are prey animals and their only true defense is to run away to the safety of their burrow. They must stay observant at all times. In public relations, we also have to stay observant – not just for the negative things like growing issues, potential crises, or possible pitfalls – but also for opportunities. We need to observe the landscape our organization is in, watch the media for chances to make a pitch, listen for stories that illustrate our organization’s value, and notice how audiences encode and react to what we share. Staying observant is a vital skill for both your friendly PR champion and local groundhog.


Resting when you need to rest

Groundhogs hibernate every winter. They listen to nature and to their little, furry bodies and snooze away for a few months. Small Adventures Communications was built out of a need for balance. Learning from the groundhogs in this way offers me a chance to reconnect to that need for rest and emerge a stronger version of myself.


Always on the lookout for brighter days ahead

Legend has it that groundhogs exit their burrows at the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox to see if spring will arrive early or if we are in for six more weeks of winter. I don’t know if those groundhogs would like the warmer weather or are OK with a longer rest, but I do like that they check. Public relations professionals are in the business of looking to a future where we meet our goals and all of our work has led to a better, more equitable world. We believe the best people to work with are those who truly believe in their organization’s ability to make a difference and to bring about change. Optimism and being on the lookout for brighter days ahead are at the core of what we do each day.


That's why I chose one as the mascot for Small Adventures Communications and I have not regretted that weirdness even once.


Groundhog Day is coming up quick! Every year in our family, we color little groundhogs, tape them on sticks and do little puppet shows.


My kids have now watched me grow my business for more than two years, and I'm so excited Brigid - the Small Adventures Communications mascot - gets to join our fantastically extra family celebration.


And if you want to study up on the history of this holiday:


Here’s to a great holiday!

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