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The best public relations campaigns layer media relations and outreach at all levels - from national media to local outlets to influencers. According to a Nielsen study, PR is 90% more effective than advertising in influencing consumers. Layering strong national media outreach with targeted local media efforts will result in a steady drumbeat of messaging for consumers.

Small Adventures Communications offers tailored PR playbooks that can be used to ensure cohesive, action-based messaging across your entire organization.

We have the skills and experience needed to deliver easy-to-use toolkits that are proven to get results and free up your communications team to focus on strategic media relationships and big wins. 

The scalable PR toolkit program may include:

  • Key message development, segmented by target audience

  • Media list building and media research

  • Drafting pitch emails

  • Supporting national media pitching efforts

  • Key messages

  • Templated news releases for local use

  • News releases for national use

  • Enewsletter copy

  • Social media post copy

  • Guest columns

  • Letter to the editor

  • Media training guide for volunteer experts and survivors sharing their stories​

  • Pitch email templates and scripts for local use

  • Pitch emails and scripts for national use

Scalable PR Toolkits: Text


Secure time today to discuss your needs

A lead time of at least four months before campaign launch is recommended for best results.

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